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Native Crimes...The Book              by Steven Wright
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Native Crimes Photo Gallery
 A few pictures taken and used as inspiration for book from the top left
1. Widely circulated historical picture of Apache tribe members  taken shortly after surrender.
2. Apache Attack helicopters...make an appearence at end of book...picture taken at Texas Stadium 
3. Picture of the the Rattlesnake Butcher Shop in Apache, OK
4. Map of Native Apache Lands    
5. Statue of Apache Woman in front t of Oklahoma State Capital. Inscription reads...As Long As Water Runs...Land shall be yours.
Second Row.  
1. Historical picture of Apache children at Indian School 
2. Roswell McDonald's "space themed" restaurant.  Yes...it does figure into the book's story
3. Picture of Geronimo's grave taken by author shortly after witnessing a solemn ceremony by Geronimo's ancestors that is described in the book
4.  Picture of the World's Largest Freestanding Cross, taken outside of Amarillo, Texas
5.  Top of the Prayer Teepee from the inside.  Located in Apache, OK
Third Row:
6. Ceremonial deer skin hide depicting the Mountain Spirits Dance.  Taken in the Fort Sill museum 
7. Close up of articles left behind at Geronimos grave.
8. The road leading up from the outskirts of Apache.  Used as inspiration of Petersons and Gopan farm locations